By Lawrence the Pigskin Hoops Picking Robot

The R.P.I. is nonsense. Let's stop caring what it says especially this early in the season...

Here's the real Top 5 in 4A right now...

#1 Sky View (9-1, 3-0 against Region 10 teams)

-Sky View beat Desert Hills who is the number three team in the RPI by 34 points.

-The Bobcats' only loss is to Olympus whose only loss is to American Fork whose only loss is to Wasatch Academy. That makes the RPI's algorithm very happy, but it is legitimately impressive.

- Logan Deal is an old school brawler. He hammers down low at 6'6" and hasn't shot a three all year. He's gonna be fun to watch against Lemke, Eaton, Johnsen, he made this play over the summer:

Plus something called Utah Top 50 Elite League thinks he's really good too.


#2 Dixie (9-1, 2-0 against Region 11 teams)

-Let's do some R.P.I. math nonsense...Dixie lost to Farmington, who lost to Skyridge, who lost to...Crimson Cliffs. Just an interesting observation

-Jordan Roberts is 4th in the country (!) in assists per game at 10.4.

A lot of this going on (clip from last year):


-Dixie has had six games where they've had 30 or more team assists. Sky View hasn't had one game over 20 team assists so far.

-Kyle Lemke is the most efficient offensive weapon in the state. He's averaging 22ppg at 72% from the field. He's 5 percent higher from the field so far than he was last year as a sophomore. Mama mia.

#3 Ridgeline (6-2, 3-0 against Region 10 teams)

-The Riverhawks beat Desert Hills

-Only losses are to two good upper-classification teams, Springville (6-2) and Woods Cross (7-3)

-Wins against big names like Bingham and Fremont

-Luke Sorensen is one of the best bigs in the state. Shooting 67% and scoring 17ppg.

-Carson Cox still hasn't got going fully this year but he's going to be an all-state kid.

#4 Crimson Cliffs (6-3, 0-0 against Region 11 teams)

-Loss to Alta is forgiven, those guys have killed everybody.

-Loss to Herriman is forgiven but they don't get a complete pass because Herriman has shown they are beatable for a team like Crimson. Dixie beat them fairly easily for example.

-Loss to Salem Hills is their worst of the season. They'd love to get another shot at that team...

-Jordan Eaton is in the early running for Region MVP.


-If Houston Johnsen keeps playing like he did in the second half of that Spanish Fork game, he finished with 16 points, that Mustang front court is going to be dominant.

#5 Layton Christian (6-3, 1-0 against Region 10, 0-1 against Region 11)

-Edge out Snow Canyon for this spot because of head to head

-Edge out Logan because their overall schedule is more impressive. Logan has played down a lot this year early...but what the heck do I know? I'm just a stupid robot.

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