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Here's the top two contenders for Region 10 MVP to this point in the season...

The Case for Owen Mackay (Junior - Snow Canyon Warriors)

-Mackay is the leading scorer in all of 4A with 24.7 points per game. He's also averaging 9 rebounds and 2 steals. 

-The only time Snow Canyon has lost with Mackay on the floor in region play was against Dixie in The Hangar. He was tremendous in that game, scoring 31 points and shooting 6 for 8 from three. 

-Mackay has made himself into more of a post threat this year after the loss of Lyman Simmons in the offseason. He's able attract double teams with his back to the basket and create open shots for his teammates. He also can run the half court offense and is deadly in transition.

-His rare athleticism and leaping ability puts him in a category with former 4A stars like Mason Falslev from Sky View who won a state championship with the Bobcats and is now at Utah State. I think Mackay is a more polished offensive player than Falslev was at this point in his career.

-Mackay is also uniquely unselfish for a guy who is scoring 25 points per contest. None of his buckets ever seem forced and he's never over dribbling or hogging the ball on the perimeter.

The Case for Kyle Lemke (Junior - Dixie Flyers)

-Lemke is the best player on the best team in region. That is traditionally how region MVP has been decided.

-His stat line is remarkable: 20 ppg, 9 reb, 3.5 blocks per game

-He's shooting 68% from the field

-Tremendous rim protector and defensive force who effects the scheme of every opposing offense. 

-Every thing they do in the half court is influenced by Lemke. Whether it's a screen and roll with him and Roberts, or getting it to him on the high post and relocating for an open three in the corner. He is the most efficient offensive weapon in the state.


-Plus he has the uniqueness factor of being that big yet that skilled on offense. Most teams have a guy who can get 17-20 ppg on a given night. Not every team has a kid who's 6'10" and can shoot, pass, and move like Lemke can.

-And last, but most important. THE MUSTACHE. That sucker has to sway some votes in his favor.


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