Green Bay is a storied football franchise. The names, the field, the championships all speak for themselves. Ask a non-fan to name a football team, and you’ll likely hear the name “Packers” mentioned.

Go to any state, at any time, at any place and you will somehow find Packers fans. The cheeseheads go beyond the borders of Wisconsin.

Packer faithful has been the most spoiled franchise in the NFL for the past thirty years when it comes to knowing they will put a winning football team on the field.

Only two super bowls in that time span may lead you to distrust me on that statement, but in those 30 years, only five seasons have seen the Packers post a losing record.

Between Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, the Packers have known that as long as their quarterback stays healthy, the playoffs are likely a given.

Green bay choking in the postseason doesn’t eradicate the fact that only one other team other team has had more much success for years upon years.

The Patriots have more super bowls clearly, and according to StatMuse, they have 18 more wins than Green Bay’s 305 in the past 30 years but Green Bay is still number two.

Both New England and Green Bay have made the postseason 22 times in the past 30 years.

Debate who you want, whether it’s the Patriots or the Packers, Green Bay has had one of the most fortunate 30 years out there…. at least in the regular season.

With all that winning, fans have certain expectations, and they certainly expected Jordan Love to be the next Packer great to continue the tradition of handling the NFC North.

The start to the season made it seem as if the former Utah State Aggie was setup for success after two years behind a Hall of Famer.

The Pack was 2-1. Love had thrown 7 touchdowns to 1 interception with a rushing touchdown. The next chapter was unfolding as it should be in Green Bay land.

Then they lost to the Lions. No biggie, even Rodgers didn’t win the North his first year as a starter.

Then they loss to the Raiders. Not ideal, but weird things can happen on the road, right?

Then they lost to the Denver Broncos. No excuses on that one right Packer fans?

In the last 4 games combined, not only has Green Bay gone 1-3, their season record is now 2-4. The same as Minnesota and Chicago in the NFC North.

Even worse is the play of Love who has gone two straight games throwing less than 200 yards, and has thrown 7 total interceptions to 4 touchdowns in the last 4 tries.

Love never threw more than 6 interceptions two of his three years at Utah State.

His play seems to be on the decline as we near midseason and Packer fans are in panic mode.

The biggest issue may be Packers Head Coach, Matt LaFluer, who seems to be limiting Love or simply not trusting Love in the passing game.

Per the Herd with Colin Cowherd, Love has a 50.2 passer rating, a 2-5 Touchdown to Interception ratio with a 38.2 completion percentage when going 10 or more yards.

Love is averaging 6.5 yards an attempt, less than Sam Howell, Kenny Pickett and Baker Mayfield.

Love’s success, as well as Green Bay’s, may depend on the Packers opening up the playbook and letting Loose, with or without trust. Green Bay will have to find out if they expect to continue the franchises winning ways.

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