I was watching the Iowa Caucuses last night for some reason. And it's a bunch of political candidates sucking up to these midwestern farmers, ranchers, slack-jawed Hawkeyes from Iowa in minus 10 degree weather. And they're sitting there talking to these down home people pretending to care about their problems and really sucking up to em. The candidates aren't going to Los Angeles or New York or Miami. They're in Iowa.

And it occurred to me: this is why Roger Goodell and the NFL are king of the world right now.

While the NBA is sucking up to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Miami, the NFL is in -13 degree weather watching Kansas City beat Miami in the playoffs.

Green Bay Wisconsin is beating Dallas.

The NFL is shoveling 10 feet of snow in Buffalo New York.

It's in the Motor City watching the Lions beat LA.

The NBA and MLB have all of their stars on the coasts. Shohei just signed with the Dodgers. Aaron Judge is in New York. LeBron in LA.

Patrick Mahomes and Taylor Swift are in Missouri! Lamar Jackson is in Baltimore. Josh Allen is in Buffalo.

Roger Goodell and the NFL are king because unlike the elite coastal NBA and MLB the NFL sucks up to flyover country. Some of their biggest franchises are in small markets that other leagues ignore and this year's playoffs have demonstrated that the NFL cherishes these small market, middle of the country fans. They got my vote. 

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