News broke this week that BIG 12 Commissioner Brett Yormark is trying to play college football and basketball games in Mexico City as soon as 2024.

This sounds crazy to me but Yormark has a vision...

Per CBS Sports:

Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark has been inspired by the international success of the MLB, NFL and NBA, all of which have had played games in Mexico. "The commissioner wants to emulate the success of pro sports teams have had," a league source told Dodd. "That would require an extended [multi-year] visit, not just a weekend one-off."  (CBS Sports, link to full article)

Who knows if BYU is going to have to play there or not but here's why I hate it.

It shows how desperate non-SEC/BIG 10 conferences are

Do you think the SEC would ever take a conference game away from Tuscaloosa or Knoxville? Heavens no.

The fact that Yormark and the BIG 12 are having to go to Mexico City to bring in some extra revenue is just another indicator that proves how desperate non-SEC and BIG 10 conferences are for gimmick revenue.

College football is about atmosphere

This isn't the NFL. What makes college football great, and especially the BIG 12, is the home games in Ames, Stillwater, Waco and on and on...

The fact that these schools are going to have to sacrifice a home conference game to go play some overly commercialized, sterile game in Mexico City is disappointing.

I like his other ideas

Yormark is apparently looking to "modernize" the BIG 12 broadcasts by having more behind the scenes access to coaches and players in the locker room, having them mic'd up etc...

I love this idea. Every team should have a camera crew a la Hard Knocks following them around. Every fanbase would pay for that content. I hope Yormark provides that for the BIG 12.

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