By Lawrence the Pigskin Hoops Picking Robot

Pretty good week for Region 10 because Crimson Cliffs beat Sky Ridge, Snow Canyon played Layton Christian to a one possession game, and Dixie smoked Herriman and Copper Hills.

Here's our Mr. Region Hoops list of the week:

5. Eli Allred - Desert Hills Guard

Desert Hills went 1-1 last week with a 59-56 win over Canyon View and a 68-61 loss to Richfield.

Allred was tremendous. In those two games he was 15 of 21 from the field (71%) and had 44 points.

He also shot 58% from three point range and made 7 of 15.

Allred is going to be a key piece for the Thunder's offense helping Lincoln Holmes carry the scoring load.

4. Griffen Shepherd - Pine View Guard

Griffen has 89 field goal attempts already this year (!).

He is the man for Pine View and clearly worked his tail off in the offseason.

He scored 32 last week against Richfield on over 50% from the field and then 18 against Canyon View.

The Panthers have yet to get their first win this season, but a shot maker like Shepherd (18/33 from 3p this season) and a tremendous guard like Nash Schroeder it's only a matter of time until they go on a tear.

3. Cy Meacham - Snow Canyon Guard

What happened? I wasn't there.

Snow Canyon 87 St. Joseph 10

Anyway, Cy Meacham went 10 of 11 for 25 points and had five assists in the game. He also played well against Layton Christian who SC almost beat (10pts, 3reb, 3ast)

2. Jordan Roberts - Dixie Guard

Roberts had 17 assists against Herriman. That's an assist every two minutes.

I know Breckon Robinson had 35 points and deserves to be on this list (8-12 3pm), but 17 assists? That happens even less than a kid making eight threes.

1. Jordan Eaton - Crimson Cliffs Forward

Eaton has been the baddest dude on the floor in every game he's played in this year. Can you imagine when he and Kyle Lemke square off in region play?

The Mustangs are 3-3 on the year and are coming off a tough loss to Herriman, but Eaton is Mr. Region Hoops this week because of what he did against Skyridge: 33pt, 13reb, 6ast, 2blk

Eaton is making threes off the bounce, catch and shoot, etc. Add that to his bully game in the paint and midrange jumper and you've got a three level scorer and a brawler and defense to boot.



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