What's up with Terry Bradshaw?

Watch this ridiculous treatment the state of Utah's beloved Andy Reid on the podium last night:

"Waddle over here"??

This guy just won the Super Bowl, it's the biggest moment of his career and he's gotta deal with fat jokes from Terry Bradshaw?

I understand that Reid has a tremendous sense of humor about himself and often makes fun of his weight and that's why I love him.

Here's a clip of him doing so:

This is hilarious. But he's making fun of himself, not dealing with some drunken Bradshaw poking him on the national stage.

This thing with Reid and cheeseburgers is funny too and was all season long.

His players gave him an awesome gift on Christmas Eve this year:

This was done with taste and out of love.

Bradshaw's comments weren't delivered this well.

The important thing is, Reid has no need for coffee or cheeseburgers. He's constantly on the move, scheming plays like this that won the Super Bowl:

Two times he ran a play like this. Faked a motion, the Eagles overreacted, and the receiver was wide open for a walk in touchdown.


So why on earth does FOX subject Andy Reid and players to Bradshaw's ridiculous questions on stage? Bradshaw is shooting from the hip with owners and players etc...They need somebody with a little more tact in these situations. Leave Terry in the studio!

Bradshaw has folksy charm and a legendary name in the game. He's a known quantity that has been doing the show forever, but put somebody vanilla out on stage and let the coaches and players shine in the interviews.

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