By Judge Flinderson

DOCKET# 08-1371

Title: The People vs. CB MEMBER "Scott_Tenorman" et al.

Docketed: October 18, 2022


His Honor Flinderson: State your name...

Defendant: "Scott Underscore Tenorman"

HHF: On the night of October 15th, did you make a post on Cougarboard?

D: Yes, your honor.

HHF: Was it in regard to a coaching change for BYU football's defensive coordinator position?

D: Yes

HHF: Did you in fact release a poll question that read as follows: 'What are the chances that Bronco is offered and accepts an offer to return to BYU as Defensive Coordinator?'

D: (getting emotional) Yes...

HHF: Is the Bronco you were referring to former BYU and Virginia head coach Bronco Mendenhall?

D: I'm sorry--

HHF: --Yes or no?

D: Yes, your honor.

HHF: How would you describe your mental state at the time of this post?

D: I was very emotional, erratic. I was seething. We had just given up almost 700 yards to an average SEC team--

HHF: "We"?

D: I'm sorry. I mean BYU had lost horrifically. Tuiaki was making mass subs in the red zone, our defense was dropping 11 on third downs--

HHF: Order!

D: I'm sorry (sniffling)

HHF: How do you plea to the charge of "Posting erratic, delusional material to the CB under the influence of an 18 point loss?"

D: Guilty.

HHF: I hereby sentence you to a two week suspension from posting on the Cougar Board. You may also not watch the BYU/Liberty game live. You must watch it recorded and only after you confirm that BYU won the game. If BYU loses to Liberty you aren't allowed to watch it. Dismissed.

The Cougar Court transcript is a simulation and didn't actually happen. For the actual Cougar Board hearings, listen to The Andy Thompson Show weekdays from 4-6PM on ESPN 977.


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