Andy Reid is arguably the most likable coach in the NFL. And I know Utes fans might resent him because he is a BYU alum but that's nonsense. Reid helped save Utah alum Alex Smith's career. So whether you are a BYU fan or a Utah fan or Aggie or whatever, we all need to be cheering for him in the Super Bowl.

His players clearly have huge affection for him. They gave him one of the best Christmas presents I've ever seen this year:

Reid coached the Eagles to a million NFC championship games but only got to one Super Bowl and lost to the Pats, we get it!


That narrative is so old. Reid has taken the Chiefs to five straight AFC titles and this will be their third Super Bowl.

It's not all about Mahomes either. It's Reid's offensive innovation:

The lateral didn't work great in the championship game, but I love the idea. There needs to be much more of that in the NFL. Low risk laterals are going to be the next big thing! Watch this one:

Kelce knows one speed. Even when lateraling the ball.

Reid is now #2 all-time in NFL Playoff wins. He just passed Tom Landry. He won with McNabb. He won with Alex Smith. And now he has been blessed with maybe the best quarterback to ever play.

Now, I understand the Eagles have a likable coach to in Nick Sirrianni. He is Division 3 football brat from Mount Union. I love that about him. But put that aside, and put aside that the Chiefs are going to be favored? (Although early lines have the Eagles as 1.5 point favorites) You must cheer for Reid, and that's final!

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